Edonna Spokely, AFSCME Council 65 Office Coordinator, Retires

Almost 40 years ago, a young lady from Chisholm, Minnesota was hired for temporary clerical work for AFSCME Council 65. On July 7, 1976, she was hired full-time and has worked with every Executive Director of Council 65.

Most people knew Edonna through the phone when calling the Council 65 office. They would first hear "Public Employees Union" and then a caring voice to help whomever was calling and made the caller feel that whatever issue they had at the time was the most important issue to Edonna. Edonna's wealth of knowledge of Council 65 and its members is priceless. She truly was the heartbeat of Council 65.

Her caring ways with her co-workers was always shown in her upbeat approach toward any task given to her. She would make sure that everyone's birthday in the office would be a special day with decorations and a cake she baked.

Please join us in wishing this special lady all the best and a long, healthy well deserved retirement. Edonna will truly be missed.