Council 65 - Minnesota, South Dakota and North Dakota


For the third time since 2007 the International Retiree Department designed a brochure and we took advantage of a fairly recent state law that gives us the ability to do a "blind mailing" to PERA members in our jurisdiction. The same law also allows our members to pay their retiree dues (currently $15 per year) by automatic dues deduction from their PERA pension checks.  The dues deduction is made twice a year, in June & December.  This is a convenient way for our retiree members to pay their dues and saves our chapter time & money to not have to chase down dues. Current retirees who pay their retiree dues directly to us may switch to automatic dues deduction by contacting President Jones (

When former Council 59 (North/South Dakota) became part of Council 65 last year, our retiree chapter was excited to welcome several retirees from the Dakotas.  Since they have no collective bargaining laws as we do in Minnesota, they understand the importance of the Union & solidarity.


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