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Labor Corner - The Value of Your Union

From the Oxford Dictionary: 


1. The regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth or usefulness of something;

So many reasons why your Union is valuable:

*  A collective voice for my wages, hours and working conditions

*  Balance and fairness in the work place

*  A process to challenge unjust discipline in the workplace (non-union shops do not have this right) through the grievance and arbitration provisions in your contract

*  A voice in St. Paul as your union lobbies our legislators for increased monies for the jobs that you do and laws that protect workers - thus bettering their lives

*  Elevating and also maintaining your place in the middle class

*  Being able to maike a decent living, feed your families, and pay the bills

*  A contract with your employer which is a legally enforceable document

*  A contract which prevents employers from unilaterally changing things in your workplace unless they negotiate with your union for any proposed changes

*  A process to legally enforce previously agreed-to provisions in your contract

*  A union that is run by rank and file members - bottom up and not top down

*  A democratically elected union leadership at the local, state and national level

*  Peace of mind in the workplace.

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