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Click here to see our 2017 Al Church Scholarship recipients Read more >>>

A recent survey showed that nearly 100% of surveyed members are excited that AFSCME is offering the AFSCME Free College Benefit. This benefit is helping make college a reality for thousands of our members and their families. Read more >>>

It is with great sadness that we share the passing of Bureau of Mediation Services Commissioner, Josh Tilsen. Our thoughts are with Commissioner Tilsen's family. Read more >>>

Congratulations to Local 3627, Little Falls School Custodians! They recently celebrated their 25th anniversary as a chartered local of AFSCME. Read more >>>

The International Executive Board of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees today by acclamation elected Elissa McBride as its new secretary-treasurer. Read more >>>

A Statement from AFSCME President Lee Saunders on the Gorsuch Nomination Read more >>>

Minnesota has a rich and proud tradition regarding economic justice for all workers.  There are defining events such as the Iron Range strikes of 1907 & 1916 and the 1934 Minneapolis General Strike.  But there is a little known and equally important event that happened in 1977 in Willmar, Minnesota which fundamentally changed women’s rights in the workplace for the better.  This historical event has been called the Willmar 8.

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Joining a union is an act of faith-a belief that people coming together with similar daily work lives can have an impact on those people who may have goals that don’t take into account anything but the bottom line.  By joining a union, you are asserting that you were not put on this earth merely to do what you were told, but that you believe you should have a say in your own livelihood.  Read more >>>

Almost 40 years ago, a young lady from Chisholm, Minnesota was hired for temporary clerical work for AFSCME Council 65. On July 7, 1976, she was hired full-time and has worked with every Executive Director of Council 65 Read more >>>

When one mentions the word family, the first thing that comes to a person's mind is the group of people you grew up with- father, mother, siblings, and perhaps your grandmother or grandfather. Read more >>>

Northern Minnesota - circa 1905.  Immigrant miners primarily from Finland, Italy and from Eastern Europe work twelve hours a day and seven days a week mining iron ore on the Mesabi Range for the Oliver Mining Company.  The immigrants mostly do not speak English.  The Oliver Mining Company pays them pennies for their work.  The working conditions are dangerous - explosions, dust inhalation and falling rock.  Debilitating injuries and death are common. There is no workers compensation. If you are injured and cannot work, you and your family starve.  To add injury to insult, the company makes you buy your axe pick, your work clothes and your oil head lamp.  You rarely see your family.  You work all the time.  The miners are angry.  Something is in the air.  You can feel it. Read more >>>

Have you ever gone to your local American car dealership and inquired where your car was made?  You should probably pay attention as you will find that an American made car is not always made in America. Read more >>>

What a Bargain - The Value of Your Union Read more >>>

Unions fought for - and won- nearly every basic protection we take for granted in the workplace today.  Unions Work!

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Labor Quote of the Day - April 2015 Read more >>>

Why My Union Makes Me Happy Read more >>>

What exactly is a labor union, and why should I care about them?  If you would ask a random person on the street, you would probably get some interesting answers. Read more >>>

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